Beanco Tech Facial Brush, Waterproof Body Skin Cleansing System Spin Brush for Face & Body Deep Cleansing, Gentle Exfoliator, Skin Care Electric Massager/Scrubber

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❀INNOVATIVE SKIN CLEANSING SYSTEM - The 4-in-1 facial & body cleansing system cleanses your skin 10 times better than hands. Removes all oil, dirt and dead skin cells without irritating the skin. Creates your greatest skin ever! ❀ULTRA-SOFT & ANTI-MICROBIAL BRISTLES - The anti-microbial tech keeps the gentle yet firm bristles of the facial brush clean and fresh. Thoroughly but gently cleanses your cheeks, even the hard-to-reach areas. ❀FACE & BODY MASSAGE - Soft face brush & sponge brush massage your face to promote blood circulation and beauty products absorption. Body brush & pumice stone sweep skin clean of dulling flakes, esp. elbows, knees, soles. ❀WATERPROOF MAIN UNIT - The waterproof brush will give you a brand new shower experience. The anti-skid handle of the main unit enables you to hold it firmly even in the wet. Do not fully immerse it in any liquid. ❀MODERATE ROTATE SPEED - Multiple tests proved that the default rotate speed of the skin cleansing brush is the optimal setting for the best skin cleansing effect. Avoids skin damages yet cleanses skin thoroughly. ★WANT to give your face and body a deep cleansing? ★WANT to enjoy beauty treatments without going to salons? ★WANT to get a shiny and healthy-looking skin with clean pores? The Beanco Tech Skin Cleansing System is just the one you need! Create the cleanest and healthiest version of your skin! Treat your skin the way it deserves to be treated! ▶ 4-in-1 Multifunctional Cleansing Brush Set: Perfect Cleanser Partner 1. Face Brush: With ultrafine and ultrasoft bristles, the exfoliating face brush can cleanse your face deeply and remove oil, dirt, dead skin cells, etc. 2. Sponge Brush: Removes makeup and blackheads. Minimizes facial pores. Massages your face to promote absorption of skincare products. 3. Body Brush: Removes dead cells from your skin in order to make it smoother. Massages you skin to promote blood circulation. 4. Pumice Stone: Exfoliates the skin of elbows and foot soles. ▶ Waterproof Main Unit: Indispensable for Showers The main unit of spin facial scrubber is specially designed to be water-resistant and perfect for use in the bath or shower. It is totally safe and convenient for you to use the skin cleansing system in the wet. ▶ Compact & Portable: Travel Essential The skin cleansing brush set is space-saving and easy to be carried during journeys. Enjoy deep skin cleansing and relaxing skin massage wherever you are! Package Content: 1 x Main unit 1 x Face brush 1 x Body brush 1 x Sponge brush 1 x Pumice stone 1 x User manual Notes: 1. Four AA batteries (NOT INCLUDED) are needed to power the main unit. 2. Please use the face scrubber with facial or body cleanser. 3. Do not fully immerse the main unit in water or any liquid.

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